Disappointed – Stormzy lyrics

Lyrics Disappointed – Stormzy Disappointed lyrics I came to your show and moved to your brother in front of your dad (Real talk) Your old man just stood there pissed (Real talk) I said pops why you look so sad? (So sad) Shoulda known better You know I had to show your little brother I’m […]

Do better – Stormzy lyrics

Lyrics Do better – Stormzy Do better lyrics Let it breathe Just let it breathe Let it breathe ayy Let it breathe One time let it breathe Yo like [Verse 1] If I can do better then I’ll be better Rolling in the deep I need to breathe better I see demons in my sleep I need to […]

One second – Stormzy lyrics

Lyrics One second – Stormzy One second lyrics If you give me just one second of your time I could tell you stories ’bout my life (True story) I’ve seen hope and I’ve seen struggle through these eyes So give me just one second (Like) of your time [Verse 1: Stormzy H.E.R] One second to let it breathe (Let […]

Audacity – Stormzy lyrics

Lyrics Audacity – Stormzy Audacity lyrics It’s like You niggas audacious [Chorus: Stormzy] I roll out with no cash on me Calm now with no mash on me Stay away from these ashy youts ‘Fore they come around and get ash on me That’s five thousand capacity Five thousand capacity Then spread that over the U.K and then add […]

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