Status – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Status – Russ Status lyrics This a classic beat, I got a fleet of these I’m lookin’ at my bucket list like “Goddamn, I completed these” And, yes, my life’s a movie, girl, you just in the deleted scenes I kick you out my life if I don’t like the way you treatin’ me […]

Status – NAV lyrics

Lyrics Status – NAV Status lyrics Status Millionaire status I’m gettin’ paid Baddest Baddest bitches gon’ come my way Balance Lost my balance but I’m okay Countin’ Stackin’ my benjis every day Got an XO piece square rocks All my opps dead I hope they rot Chopper go chop-chop-chop Fore she fuck me give me […]

Know your name – Chase & Status lyrics

Lyrics Chase – Know your name What do you have to lose, really? Who say you couldn’t chose, really? Take a picture of the moon, yeah Who do I have to be, really? What do I have to do, really? I’m just looking for the truth.(know your name) Maybe if they think you’re crazy They […]

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