sorry not sorry lyrics

Sorry not sorry – Dj Khaled lyrics & Nas, Jay-Z

Lyrics Sorry not sorry – Dj Khaled Sorry not sorry lyrics Sorry, not sorry, don’t mind me I’m livin’ the dream, livin’ a dream, yeah Came from nothin’, whoever thought that we would be Livin’ the dream? Livin’ the dream [Interlude: DJ Khaled] We The Best Music Another one DJ Khaled [Verse 1: Nas] Hear […]

Sorry not sorry – Yves V feat. Carta lyrics

Lyrics Yves V – Sorry not sorry Every time, every time that I wake up It’s not my bed, not my bed, I think it’s messed up All the time, all the time, same old story Turn it up, turn it up until the morning Living like, living like it’s the last time One more […]

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