Love is a gamble – Sneakbo lyrics

Lyrics Love is a gamble – Sneakbo Love is a gamble lyrics Paid the price It’s gonna be you and I Jigga Jigga boys Lekaa Beats [Verse 1: Sneakbo] Where you at What’s the motive Just tell me what’s the plan and I’m rollin’ I’ll bring the bag of weed if you’re smokin’ Link up […]

Active – Sneakbo featuring Giggs lyrics

Lyrics Sneakbo – Active Fam I don’t even need dat Man said 3-2-1 Ay ride lemme get that lighter Real certified Gs in the building Ay lemme get that, lemme get that Fanatix Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.(active) Man touch road like a cabman Old school, man just jump out with […]

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