I’m really him – Skooly lyrics

Lyrics I’m really him – Skooly I’m really him lyrics Election won I don’t do this for fun I don’t play that sh*t F*ck Donald Trump F*ck Donald Trump Come help me say that sh*t Shimmy – Amine lyrics Lyrics Shimmy – Amine Shimmy lyrics Its been a whole… year my nigga Lets not front […]

Habit – Skooly feat. 2 Chainz lyrics

Lyrics Skooly –¬†Habit – Skooly Look, walked in looking like it, crooked pockets And I’m higher than a satellite, the kush exotic, look Be careful where that cash at, them niggas lurking Spent my last on a bad bitch, get somethin’ worth it Goddamn I’m a savage, goddamn Goddamn forty plastic, goddamn Hunt down on […]

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