Simple Plan

Congratulations – Simple Plan lyrics

Lyrics Congratulations – Simple Plan Congratulations lyrics With a smile on your face Talking sweet when you say That you had no clue You had no clue But all this time, a perfect plan To stick your knife in my back Just like you hoped to Like you hoped to But you’re the one that’s […]

I don’t wanna go to bed – Simple Plan (lyrics)

Lyrics Simple Plan – I don’t wanna go to bed I gotta tell you the truth I’m full of broken pieces and all my nights are sleepless And I don’t mean to be rude This secret can you keep it? Won’t give up even if it Takes me all night, takes my whole life Just […]

Saturday – Simple Plan (lyrics)

Lyrics Simple Plan – Saturday Kicking like a time bomb Waiting for the weekend Saturday night, saturday night People throw their hands off higher than the ceiling Saturday night, saturday night I can see the light up running round the whole club Saturday night, saturday night Coming through the window I can hear the bass […]

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