Silver lining

Silver lining – Amir Obe lyrics

Lyrics Silver lining – Amir Obe Silver lining lyrics Scrollin’ through the phone keepin’ tabs on you Kill ’em with success make a bag for you Losin’ all the feelings that I had for you Losin’ all the feelings that I had for you Whole crowd calling ’bout the break up They don’t even know you but they hate […]

Silver lining – Armnhmr lyrics

Lyrics Silver lining – Armnhmr Silver lining lyrics Under you fell right through my hands Because life had other plans I should’ve held you closer I missed it I couldn’t understand But all these second chances never came [Chorus] I know there’s a reason for this And I’m trying to find I’m trying to find The silveeer lining The […]

Silver lining – Panic! at the Disco lyrics

Lyrics Silver lining – Panic! at the Disco To the old, and to the new We dedicate this song to you F*ck a silver lining F*ck a silver lining ‘Cause only gold is hot enough, hot enough F*ck a silver liniiing F*ck a silver liniiing ‘Cause only gold is hot enough, hot enough One more, one […]

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