silence lyrics

Silence – Fletcher lyrics

Lyrics Silence – Fletcher Silence lyrics It’s like a crutch see if you’re up 4 AM but I like a rush so I’ll go Into your bed my safety net Cheaper than a therapy vent yeah I know That I should let go should be letting you go I can’t postpone it not anymore When I know what I already know What I need […]

Silence – RMR lyrics

Lyrics Silence – RMR Silence lyrics Silence sileeence in the hills Revisin’ adjustin’ to your will Two more shots she’s ready for the nighttime Put in effect she comes from royal bloodline Silence sileeence in the hills Drunk with heresy No no not Hennessy Needs camaraderie Your madam majesty Pent up clemency Oh mercy mercy […]

Silence – Before you Exit lyrics

Lyrics Silence – Before you Exit Silence lyrics Talking Why’s everyone always talking? Noise in my head, but it’s nonsense I can’t feel nothing Guarded Don’t overthink how we started Knew from the second you walked in This could be something Everybody’s looking for love to start a riot But every time I look in your […]

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