shy glizzy dope boy magic

Loving me – Shy Glizzy lyrics

Lyrics Shy Glizzy – Loving me These niggas talk that bullshit but they don’t want no pressure Laser on the Glock, boy I spot you then I wet you Heard some niggas in the city after the finesser I’m probably with your shawty, you won’t ever see her ever She had a lot of niggas, […]

Dope boy magic – Shy Glizzy feat. Trey Songz lyrics

Lyrics Shy Glizzy – Dope boy magic Dope boy magic, ooh You can smell it through the plastic Dope boy magic, ooh shit tragic Somebody died out the habit Dope boy magic Flip it like it’s gymnastics Trampoline money, never backflip Somersault, somersault, yeah I’ma ball, I’ma ball I’ma ball, I’ma ball, I’ma ball I’ma […]

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