Pokemon cypher – Shofu lyrics

Lyrics Pokemon cypher – Shofu Pokemon cypher lyrics Look watch who you aiming your ammo on Shield on my face like a Bastiodon Work in the pouch like a Kangashkan Niggas be changing like Kecleon You’ll get twice like a Ambipom Ice on my wrist like a Glaceon Mewtwo I’m putting that pressure on Just […]

Verlisify – Shofu lyrics

Lyrics Shofu – Verlisify My wrist are so stupid they call it verlisify chain on my neck b*tch they call it verlisify I got cho b*tch on a leash, ima just call her verlisify nigga I be with my dog in the streets, u can just call me verlisify verlisifyyy, verlisifyyy, verlisifyyy your opinion doesn’t […]

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