sherwood marty

Poison – Sherwood Marty lyrics

Lyrics Poison – Sherwood Marty Poison lyrics Real rottweiler survive in the jungle Fuck the otherside if they try put ’em under All my n***as straight drop a dime if you mumbleee Last sniff – Wilma Archer lyrics Lyrics Last sniff – Wilma Archer Last sniff lyrics As the clock ticks he plays the low […]

Soulja life – Sherwood Marty lyrics

Lyrics Soulja life – Sherwood Marty Soulja life lyrics by Sherwood Marty My mama know the way I’m livin’ so she pray for me She know I’m heavy in the streets and I play for keeps A baby slim with the soulja life mentality If they go against me it’s gon’ be a tragedy It’s how […]

Day in my hood – Sherwood Marty lyrics

Lyrics Sherwood Marty – Day in my hood – Sherwood Marty On my knees shootin’ craps (that’s a day in my hood) Selling P’s out the trap (that’s a day in my hood) We gon be in the trap (yeah we livin’ good) Tryna make it with this rap (and get out the hood) You know […]

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