shaun frank

Addicted – Shaun Frank feat. Violet Days lyrics

Lyrics Shaun Frank – Addicted Breathe you in like a cigarette Feel so good though it’s dangerous Don’t wanna remember but I can’t forget The taste you left burning on my lips. (Shaun Frank – Addicted) Try to cut you loose But I can’t stand to stay this sober I’m addicteeed to no one else […]

Upsidedown – Shaun Frank lyrics

Lyrics Shaun Frank – Upsidedown I’ve been swimming in the fish pool Pizza boxes by the backdoor. Your clothes scattered over my floor. We both know that I can’t cope. Laying in the empty bed Where we used to call your parents when we couldn’t pay the rent. Trying to get you out of my […]

Let you get away lyrics – Shaun Frank

Lyrics Shaun Frank – Let you get away Every time you f*ck up, I will find an excuse to forgive you. And every time that you’re good, I forget all the hurt and redeem you. And I don’t know what I’ve been chasing. Caught feelings, now I gotta face them. But I can’t refuse you […]

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