Serotonin – girl in red lyrics

Lyrics Serotonin – girl in red Serotonin lyrics I’m running low on serotonin Chemical imbalance got me twisting things Stabilize with medicine There’s no depth to these feelings Dig deep, can’t hide From the corners of my mind I’m terrified of what’s inside I get intrusive thoughts like cutting my hands off Like jumping in […]

Serotonin – Darci lyrics

Lyrics Serotonin – Darci Serotonin lyrics Go in Mixing colors in the cups I’m seeing slow motion All these girls like it’s enough with all these pics they posting Honestly it’s just a bonus vodka got her extra open Still frozen still frozen I been thinking bout you lately got me crazy hoping Honestly it shouldn’t faze me […]

Audien feat Matthew Koma – Serotonin

Versuri Audien feat Matthew Koma – Serotonin Everybody’s here because they love you Oh, the city tonight’s A diamond of life, put on a string That you’re wearing You’re my weather You’re my clothing You’re my serotonin I never wanna come down from you I never wanna come down from you I never wanna come […]

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