Crazy – Sammie lyrics

Lyrics Crazy – Sammie Crazy lyrics How dare I lie right to you Damn, the nerve, girl, I ain’t shit Then get mad when you pull up Unannouced, you ’bout to flip I flipped the switch, I made you mad I changed the tide, girl, we were smooth I cheated many times You took me […]

Face to face – Sammie lyrics

Lyrics Face to face – Sammie Face to face lyrics [Intro] Well, how do you like it? I should’ve gotten back by now I’m just starin’ at my phone right now, yeah What lie will I say? (I don’t know) What prayer will I pray? (I don’t know) To make it out this time (Goddamn) […]

Show and tell – Sammie lyrics

Lyrics Sammie –¬†Show and tell – Sammie Where the blunt at, baby? Where the la la? Where the bottles? Waiter, what’s the problem? I’m just tryna go up, I’m just tryna get it All theses ladies in my section, every one of them can get it. (Sammie – Show and tell) They say you can’t […]

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