I won t break – Julia Samoylova lyrics

Lyrics I won t break – Julia Samoylova My heart is in command No longer in the dark My castle in the sand Is now made of stone and rock. (Julia Samoylova – I won t break) The memory and you The things I’ve been through And everything I do We start believing by the minute […]

Flame is burning – Julia Samoylova lyrics

Lyrics Julia Samoylova – Flame is burning When the world shakes us Trying to take us out of line Fear of tomorrow Feelings we borrow for a time.(flame is burning) Water so deep, how do we breathe? How do we climb? So we stay in this mess This beautiful mess tonight. And we don’t have […]

A million voices – Polina Gagarina

Lyrics Polina Gagarina – A million voices We are the world’s people Different yet we’re the same We believe, we believe in a dream Praying for peace and healing I hope we can start again We believe, we believe in a dream So if you ever feel love is fading Together like the stars in […]

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