running wild

Running wild – G-Eazy lyrics

Lyrics Running wild – G-Eazy Running wild lyrics Moving on crazy, missing those calls I’m trying to get to you, but you’re making it hard You said you’re running wild, running wild, running wild You love running wild, running wild, running wild Girl just slow it down, could you slow it down? ‘Cause you running […]

Running wild – Yves V feat. PollyAnna lyrics

Lyrics Futuristic Polar Bears – Running wild – Yves V They try to make us all feel bad But we will not be sent home All the voices in our heads Telling us to keep it going. (Yves V – Running wild) We walk walk We’ll walk another mile We go go The kids are […]

Running wild – Lowself feat. Krue lyrics

Lyrics Lowself – Running wild Talks deep Loves deep Can you take me higher, higher?(running wild) You and me Meant to be Would you take me higher, higher? Off the ground Off the ground. Higher So unbound Cause we’re running wild Running wild Running wild And we don’t care We don’t mind. Leaving everything, […]

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