runnin lyrics

Runnin – 21 Savage lyrics

Lyrics Runnin – 21 Savage feat. Metro Boomin Runnin lyrics Am I really hard to please? Perhaps I have such special needs I wondered what was wrong with me My friends all fall so easily Called the first one Savage Mode my mood that’s what it was (21) 2016 we was ridin’ around beatin’ niggas […]

Runnin – Dylan Dunlap lyrics

Lyrics Runnin – Dylan Dunlap Runnin lyrics Just met you on a roof downtown Took shots until they kicked us out Just blinked and the sun went down I wish I could stick around Did twenty minutes really just go by? Part of me wants to miss my flight Maybe it’s already over now So I’ll keep runnin runnin […]

Runnin – Pharrell Williams lyrics

Lyrics Pharrell Williams – Runnin Summertime in Virginia was a oven. All the kids eating ice cream with their cousins. I was studyin’ while you was playing the dozens (dozens). Don’t act like you was there when you wasn’t.(runnin) Runnin’ from the man (man) runnin’ from the badge (badge). Don’t act like you was there […]

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