Daca pleci – Delia Rus versuri

Versuri Delia Rus – Daca pleci Urasc ziua de ieri, ador ziua de maine. Am adunat atatea vise stranse pe-o hartie. Da tu nu vezi nu, da tu nu vezi nu.. Ca fiecare gand m-aduce inapoi dar tu. Nu crezi in noi, nu mai crezi nici in mine. Ti-a ramas un gust amar si nu […]

On your level – Anushka lyrics

Lyrics Anushka – On your level With the lights down low. You can feel it in the air. Cause I’m on your level. With the bass down low. And the music deep within. Cause I’m on your level. On your level. Boy, you’d like to win me over. I know what you’re thinking of. I […]

No question – Raluka (lyrics)

Lyrics Raluka – No question Life, no cost That’s a big big lie ‘cause I’m wasting my time Wife, what a loss If the one inside is not the one alright I’m trippin’ bad on the whiskey Feeling depressed, now you see me naked On the floor and wondering Strangers on Terra Lookin’ for an […]

Free love – Anca Pop

Lyrics Anca Pop – Free love I want it now, I want it now…. I’ve got an open heart A pocket full of money Hop into my limo Let me spend it on you, honey I’ve got many gifts to share And friends who like to party Join me on a trip someday We’ll go […]

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