Roses – Deante Hitchcock lyrics

Lyrics Roses – Deante Hitchcock remix Roses lyrics How could I relate to n*ggas that’s thinkin’ I’m underrated When my momma think I made it up off of these songs How could I mistake a n*gga that’s sayin’ I’m underrated wit hate Like they ain’t been playin my sh*t all along Why would I debate […]

Roses – Dua Lipa lyrics feat. Bad Bunny, Doja Cat & Madonna

Lyrics Roses – Dua Lipa Roses lyrics Look at her now watch her go Wow look at her now (x4) Gold roses – Rick Ross lyrics Lyrics Gold roses – Rick Ross Gold roses lyrics She got a thing for Chanel vintage that dropped before she White roses – Greyson Chance lyrics Lyrics White roses […]

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