Bitcoin – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics RiceGum – Bitcoin – RiceGum Getting text from my ex I think she know I’m up next Yeah they hate when I flex It don’t really make sense Yeah I got a lot of enemies I don’t wanna make them .. I don’t wanna make friends I just wanna make Ms. (RiceGum – Bitcoin) My […]

Christmas song – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics RiceGum – Christmas song Is you naughty or you nice? Ayy You know you fucking with Rice, ayy Santa gon’ come in tonight, ayy You might go blind from these lights, ayy Sleigh, it gon’ fly like a kite, ayy I know this just what you like, ayy Took a risk, I rolled the […]

Check the statistics – Wolfieraps lyrics

Lyrics Wolfieraps – Check the statistics Mans not hot, I say mans not hot Really if you think about it in a month or so Man’s not hot Mans is cold, Your act is getting old Nigga bit off Roll Safe Can you give a nigga back his flow Fire in the booth Nigga you […]

Frick da police – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics Ricegum – Frick da police Calling all units, I repeat, calling all units Shots are fired, I need backup right now Shots are fired.(frick da police) A thirty minute vid, I’m who you’re obsessed with You look like your sister is the girl that you have sex with Uh, yeah, do you get the […]

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