real life lyrics

Real life – Claire Rosinkranz lyrics

Lyrics Real life – Claire Rosinkranz Real life lyrics Sleep ’til 12 PM I hit the snooze on my alarm, let’s do it again Roll out of bed around 1:30, check who I am ‘Cause honestly, I don’t remember My sanity got stuck in December And my boyfriend doesn’t exist I’m in my hoodie and […]

Real life – Yungeen Ace lyrics

Lyrics Real life – Yungeen Ace Real life lyrics Jacksonville shit haha Ayy real life shit though I ain’t gon’ lie ayy I done watched plenty niggas die in these streets real life On gang yeah [Chorus] I done watched plenty niggas die in these streets I clutch that iron I slang that iron I […]

Real life – Gill Chang feat. Aviella lyrics

Lyrics Gill Chang – Real life Never thought I would know someone this true. All the time on my mind baby it’s you. Takin me places that I never knew. And now you got me thinking this could be real life. Staying up through the night talking ’bout how We could see how this things’s […]

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