Lil Motorola – Ramirez lyrics

Lyrics Lil Motorola – Ramirez Lil Motorola lyrics Hold up, wait a fucking second—let me puff up on a spliff Thunder striking down, watch ’em bleed just as the bullet’s hit See me making plays in the cut, Motorola flip Open up the pit and break a motherfuckin’ jaw, bitch Twelve gauge shotty, grey decapitate I’m […]

Be a witness – Ramirez feat. Shakewell lyrics

Lyrics Ramirez – Be a witness Killa klan Come get this, big business, motherf*cker be a witness. (x4) Bitch you know this score is murder When I’m crossing through your f*cking hood Bullies with them pulleys, making em’ The set is still up to no good Bring the pump Leaving the body inside of the […]

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