Rae Sremmurd

Nothing for Christmas – Rae Sremmurd lyrics

Lyrics Nothing for Christmas – Rae Sremmurd Nothing for Christmas lyrics Y’all niggas always talking ’bout you want a bad bitch But you can’t handle no bad bitch (Sound like Santa on the roof) ‘Cause bad bitches comes with bad habits I want a new fit and some Gucci shoes And I want my hair […]

42 – Rae Sremmurd feat. Swae Lee lyrics

Lyrics 42 – Rae Sremmurd 42 lyrics European size, that’s a 42 Left from the scene being cordial (yeah) European bitch payin’ more than you Young nigga hot, that’s scorchin’ (I’m hot) Walk in the store, that’s a shoe sale (Swae) And all my bitches get Chanel Drop the top and they eyes super glued (drop […]

Hands on me – Burns feat. Rae Sremmurd lyrics

Lyrics Rae Sremmurd – Hands on me – Burns Baby, keep your hands on me Know that I should leave, but I just can’t leave you Know you feel my energy If I took your heart, swear I didn’t mean to. Yeah you got a man, but I don’t know that It’s hard to control when […]

Close – Rae Sremmurd feat. Swae Lee lyrics

Lyrics Swae Lee – Close – Rae Sremmurd 30, you a fool for this one Oh, Close Ear Drummers Mike WiLL Made-It. One rope in the chain, yeah, lightin’ propane, yeah Dousin’ the flame, yeah, bounce for some change, yeah Gang can’t be tamed, yeah, ice in our veins, yeah Somethin’ feels strange, this cup is […]

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