Magic city – Fivio Foreign lyrics

Lyrics Magic city – Fivio Foreign Magic city lyrics Real niggas and ratchet bitches Hundred racks when the racks too skinny I fuck my bitch and I get back to business Thinking about turning Brooklyn into Magic City Ass and titties, like hundreds and fifties Bitch I’m going viral, put that on the Bible Turn […]

Won’t come clean – Quavo lyrics

Lyrics Won’t come clean – Quavo Won’t come clean lyrics AKs and the skelly with it (AKs) Gang gang, yessir, ‘lil buddy .. (Gang gang) Blank change, hit the curb, cause’ he came with the .. Good drank, hit the syrup, roll the .. to .. the .. (Syrup) I wash my hands with soap, […]

Quavo – Farid Bang songtexte

Songtexte Quavo – Farid Bang Quavo songtexte An alle Bitches die bei Love Island sind Und die andere Show wie heißt die nochmal Ach [Part 1] Bachelor weil du vom Promi sein träumst Ich bin kein Polizei-Freund Millionär solang das Sony-Mic läuft Verbreit’ ich Angst so wie COVID-19 Bunte Scheine kein Color-Grading Oberkörper eines Star-Athleten […]

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