Pyro – Killy lyrics

Lyrics Pyro – Killy Pyro lyrics I done seen so many switch like a slideshow (What?) So I stay around the fire like a pyro If you wanna cross that line, cut your tight-rope (Cut it) Look my chain up in its eyes, that’s the light show And there’s no turning back (Back) Perc’ 10, […]

Pyro – Denzel Curry lyrics

Lyrics Pyro – Denzel Curry Pyro lyrics Okay My bitch bad like battle rappers that make albums with no outcome X the middleman no Malcolm Where’s the Talcum? Powder when I smack niggas Palm itchin’ Napalms we bomb business Battle the strategist it’s just a game of battleship Nayvadious the futuristic version of an avid […]

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