We are the culture – Propaganda lyrics

Lyrics We are the culture – Propaganda We are the culture lyrics Whole city, indeed We are the culture Whole city, indeed Man how you finna hate whatever God got planned? How I’m ‘posed to chase what I already am? We are the culture, whole city We are the culture What up cuz? You got […]

Propaganda – Tom MacDonald lyrics

Lyrics Propaganda – Tom MacDonald Propaganda lyrics First of all shout out everyone the government can’t control The paper or Facebook or breaking news on the radio These platforms are becoming propaganda machines They promote what they believe in or disagree and delete It’s for the safety of the people? I got issues with that […]

Propaganda – Muse lyrics

Lyrics Propaganda – Muse Propaganda lyrics Floozy You got me trapped in your dark fantasy world Don’t you know you make me woozy? You have me wrapped around your little finger Baby, don’t you know you can’t lose You make me offers that I can’t refuse You keep telling pretty lies You toy with the truth […]

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