project youngin

Be quiet – Project Youngin lyrics

Lyrics Be quiet – Project Youngin Be quiet lyrics [Intro] DJ Swift on the track Mook on the Beats If you ain’t got no money, be quiet Drum Dummie made the beat, nigga I’ll smoke anybody, nigga, I just don’t give a fuck If you ain’t got no money, be quiet [Chorus] They gon’ make […]

Thug motivation – Project Youngin lyrics

Lyrics Thug motivation – Project Youngin Thug motivation lyrics You can’t tell me ’bout my struggles, lil’ nigga You wasn’t livin’ how I was livin’ in them trenches I’m talkin’ about when them hallways was pissed Anything for a dollar, hustle hard just to get it Never met my daddy, mama struggled Motivated me to […]

Biggest blessing – Project Youngin lyrics

Lyrics Project Youngin – Biggest blessing If you searching for that person who can change your life, yeah Start by looking in the mirror Believing in yourself, release that beast you got inside, yeah Now it’s time to make these people feel us Grinding all four quarters tryna make a dollar Is your money being long […]

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