Smackables – Prettymuch lyrics

Lyrics Smackables – Prettymuch Smackables lyrics Pretty girl let me in, where them hips at? Lipstick stains on the wall When you dancing like that, hell No time for smoke time So I’ll take you anywhere, take you anywhere, where you wanna go? Ayy, I wonder if you’re talkin’, wonder if you’re talkin’ ’bout me […]

Parking spot – Prettymuch lyrics

Lyrics Parking spot – Prettymuch Parking spot lyrics If I had the chance to prove me wrong Maybe then I’d try to forget it all I guess it’s my way of saying you left unnoticed Now I have to decide, chase you or focus Baby, why’d you leave without notice? What’s the location? I could […]

The weekend – Prettymuch lyrics

Lyrics The weekend – Prettymuch The weekend lyrics Champagne for the foreplay Chase down with the rosé Don’t mind what your friends say Bottles all night for your birthday Might’ve seen you on my timeline Or somewhere on the sidelines But now you’re right here by my side baby [Pre-Chorus: Nick Mara & Edwin Honoret] Don’t be alarmed if […]

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