polo g

Bloody canvas – Polo G lyrics

Lyrics Bloody canvas – Polo G Bloody canvas lyrics Uh, let me tell you ’bout a young nigga, he was only fourteen Don’t fuck with niggas, he stay social distanced like he quarantined Went from NBA to tourin’ dreams And a street legend in between That’s when prayers made him hit his knees See, he […]

Ruff ryders anthem – Polo G lyrics

Lyrics Ruff ryders anthem – Polo G Ruff ryders anthem lyrics 90s baby, so I come from Motorolas and them churches Seen my uncle Mike servin’ Coca-Cola, whippin’ work Man, R.I.P. Durb, I know he would want me on this beat Get what I deserve, lately, I been goin’ on the street Ain’t a homeless […]

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