Pitbulls lyrics

Pitbulls – Am feat. Skengdo & Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Pitbulls – Am Pitbulls lyrics Drop top head shot when your roof down A mally with the Bally got a new sound That’s a tre pound versuri-lyrics.info And now your thinking that you should have never came out 12 gauge dot dot chat shit get shot This spot got hot gotta change house Catting for […]

Pitbulls – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Pitbulls – Chief Keef Pitbulls lyrics Drop-top, headshot when your roof down A Mally with the bali, got a new sound Boop-boop-boop-boop, that’s a tre pound And now your thinking that you should’a never came out 12-gauge dot-dot Chat shit, get shot Versuri-lyrics.info This spot’s got hot, gotta change out Catting for a hot-wok, or […]

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