Phoenix lyrics

Phoenix – Big Red Machine lyrics

Lyrics Phoenix – Big Red Machine Phoenix lyrics Out in the loading bay light Watching the fog recede Divided the flame you slowly gave to me Sign of relief in my mind But I only caught you the one time Later I’d watch you and wonder what it was like [Pre-Chorus: Robin Pecknold] How do […]

Phoenix – Charlotte Cardin lyrics

Lyrics Phoenix – Charlotte Cardin Phoenix lyrics You told me you love me I said it back, I didn’t mean it I had to burn everything that I was Just to come back like a phoenix A phoenix [Verse 1] You’ve been worried about me A tornado inside I’ve been complicated Take a second to […]

Phoenix – Enzo Amore lyrics

Lyrics Phoenix – Enzo Amore Listen up, you sloppy jalopy son of a bitch, sitting on your fucking couch, with your fucking phone in your hand, doing your armchair detective work: think you know what the fuck is going on? When was the last time you kept a two month social media silence? You think I […]

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