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Build me up – Phoebe Ryan lyrics

Lyrics Build me up – Phoebe Ryan Build me up lyrics I’ve been under construction And it’s taken too long Before every decision Every blueprint is wrong I don’t wanna be precious ‘Cause I ain’t got the time I wish I was a new person I wish it’d happen overnight Now I’m asking myself asking […]

A thousand ways – Phoebe Ryan lyrics

Lyrics A thousand ways – Phoebe Ryan A thousand ways lyrics One drink, one night, one evenin’ One fight, one stays, one’s leavin’ One’s breakin’ down, one’s sleepin’ One’s havin’ trouble breathin’ It’s stupid to think someone will care for you always Be there for you all the time ‘Cause one day, you’ll blink And […]

Middle finger – Phoebe Ryan feat. Quinn XCII lyrics

Lyrics Quinn XCII –¬†Middle finger – Phoebe Ryan What I offer is something rare If your heart’s changing, then that’s not fair You might hate this, but I don’t care I don’t care I’m acting up, ’cause you don’t listen to me. (Phoebe Ryan – Middle Finger) What I give you is something real I […]

Almost back – Kaskade feat. Phoebe Ryan lyrics

Lyrics Phoebe Ryan – Almost back – Kaskade Well I woke up Took a breath and let it out, then I got up Cup of coffee, thinking maybe, could be wrong but Feeling so much better Doing alright I was all in, I was walking in a straight line Feeling open, finally knowing what it […]

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