Payroll lyrics

Payroll – Polo G lyrics

Lyrics  Payroll – Polo G Payroll lyrics Blood money nigga my shooters on payroll Feel like his life ain’t got no purpose he just take soul Ain’t tryna feel a breeze when he hangin’ out that Durango R.I.P. the members got my demons rockin’ halos Know his mama broken hearted listenin’ to all the case […]

Payroll – Tee Grizzley lyrics

Lyrics Payroll – Tee Grizzley Payroll lyrics Backend all hundreds they know how I want it When we slide all choppers they know how I’m coming Tried to hide at his momma’s they know how I’m coming Sent you a picture of her house come out dummy Hit-Boy [Verse 1: Tee Grizzley] Spray on cologne […]

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