Obituary 2020 – Papoose lyrics

Lyrics Obituary 2020 – Papoose Obituary 2020 lyrics Take these bars and play’em in the cemetary That was a frightening year kinda scary Happy New Year I hope your Christmas was merry This is the 2020 Obituary Kobe Bryant All time legend Watchin’ him play basketball was a blessing The son of NBA player Joe […]

Boxcutter – Papoose lyrics

Lyrics Boxcutter – Papoose Boxcutter lyrics I got the deadliest pen Who droppin’ heavy as him? Brady productions no interruptions Just let me begin They ain’t the best they pretend Follow the messiest trends I’m like a God to these rappers To disrespect me’s a sinnn Breathing – Headie One lyrics Lyrics Breathing – Headie […]

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