only you lyrics

Only you – Parmalee lyrics

Lyrics Only you – Parmalee Only you lyrics Only youuu could ever break my heart ‘Cause youuu’re the only one that’s got it Only youuu could ever outshine the stars The only eyes that I get lost in [Pre-Chorus] I love youuu no makeup Hair messed up, my T-shirt The songs that youuu make up […]

Only you – Cheat Codes feat. Little Mix lyrics

Lyrics Little Mix – Only you – Cheat Codes Dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met Oohhh, tryna find you in the moon Paris never feels the same, when the streets all call your name Ooooh, so I hide in crowded rooms. (Cheat Codes – Only you) And I’ll follow right down the […]

Only you – Parson James lyrics

Lyrics Parson James – Only you And I need your love, I need you here with me And I don’t care ’bout much else And I know it’s hard for five million reasons But I don’t think I could wait. (Parson James – Only you) When I’m feeling your love it’s like a wind that […]

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