oceans lyrics

Oceans – Charlotte Cardin lyrics

Lyrics Oceans – Charlotte Cardin Oceans lyrics Summer ends, say you’ll miss me too We’re out in your hood Paris don’t look as good as you The sun sets, but baby, you’re the view It don’t matter the place I keep findin’ my way to you [Chorus] I crossed all the oceaaans (For you) Lost […]

Oceans – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Oceans – Young Thug Oceans lyrics I was down bad was stuck in the mud Now a nigga done cleaned up Louis V on the .. wave Wavesss.. Oceans – The Wombats lyrics Lyrics Oceans – The Wombats Oceans lyrics It’s all kicking off again Words buzz but certainly don’t sink in Oceans – Emmit […]

Oceans – ARMNHMR feat. Nkolo lyrics

Lyrics ARMNHMR – Oceans You’re not a ghost But when I’m alone and I get quiet That’s when I feel you by my side.(oceans) I won’t let this go without a fight I hope you know. You say you’re afraid no That’s when I’ll lose my way And my heart will change Hear you explain […]

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