Active – Novelist lyrics

Lyrics Active – Novelist Active lyrics I’m a love transmitter so don’t come around talkin’ litter Truth is an ego killer Think you’re hard But I think you’ll find that the truth is realerrr Active – Sneakbo featuring Giggs lyrics Lyrics Sneakbo – Active Fam I don’t even need dat Man said 3-2-1 Ay ride […]

Rhythm and gash – Novelist lyrics

Lyrics Rhythm and gash – Novelist Rhythm and gash lyrics I’m not gonna lie fam I weren’t gonna do this but man had to still When I say uhhh you say yeahhh Uhhh uhhh Alright then [Chorus] I was like “Uhhh yeahhh” Saw your girl like uhhh! Thought the ting was yeahhh! So I thought […]

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