No witness

No witness – Tee Grizzley lyrics

Lyrics No witness – Tee Grizzley No witness lyrics I ain’t got no problems with no niggas I don’t know (I know personal problems) And I don’t know none of you niggas (I don’t) Ain’t gotta keep in touch with no niggas I don’t owe (Who I owe Let me see) And I don’t owe […]

No witness – Blueface ft. James Too Cold lyrics

Lyrics No witness – Blueface No witness lyrics Ayy, we really trippin’ Pull up on his block and I hope we missin’ the children I just fuck ’em and duck ’em, on my granny, don’t deal with feelings Better stick to the squabble ’cause you niggas ain’t with no killing Stop cappin’, nigga We was […]

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