Nights like this

Nights like this – Miattra lyrics

Lyrics Nights like this – Miattra Nights like this lyrics Getting out my head tonight I m going out with my girls And I m sipping on the plum wine Gotta let my hair down been stressed Twist out and lay down them edges And I can see the tension baby Take it to the floor with you I […]

Nights like this – Kehlani ft. Ty Dolla Sign lyrics

Lyrics Nights like this – Kehlani Nights like this lyrics You act like you need remindin’ Tryna do it over, bring it back and rewind it But all that glitters isn’t gold, I was blinded Should have never gave you my heart on consignment And I can’t believe the lies that I went for Thought […]

Nights like this – Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Nights like this – Asap Rocky Raindrops with nights like this, I wish Nights like this, nights like this, I wish Raindrops with nights like thiiis, I wish Raindrops will fall. Fall down from the sky Fall down, not a thing in the air I don’t even know how we got here Feelin’ like five […]

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