Nick Kamarera

Hawaii – Alinka feat. Nick Kamarera versuri

Versuri Alinka – Hawaii When I see those summer lights And the sun’s up high I can hear the way your saying my name.(hawaii) When the wind is surfing by Making palm trees cry I imagine just the two of us in. In Hawaii In Hawaiiii I wish we could stay here For the rest […]

We are one – Alinka feat. Nick Kamarera lyrics

Lyrics Alinka – We are one We are one. We are strong. Let’s find a way. To release all that fire. We are oneee. We are strong. And after all. You can get what you desire. Cause we are caught. In the middle the fire. We are caught. In the middle of this fight. We […]

Beautiful lies – Nick Kamarera versuri

Versuri Nick Kamarera – Beautiful lies It’s the way that you look at me. It’s a feeling like I can’t breath. But I’m holding my breath so hard. It’s the way that you move. And the words that you chose, oh my God.(beautiful lies) And I love you just the way that you are. You […]

Outta My Life – Nick Kamarera

Versuri Nick Kamarera – Outta my life I’m just gonna live my life No more falling down You wasted so much time Outta my life I can’t feel my knees I kept fallin down You can get enough Playing with my life Yeah So stop it now Stop pushing keys When I can be the simphony […]

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