new freezer

New freezer – Lady Leshurr lyrics

Lyrics Lady Leshurr – New freezer – Lady Leshurr I be moving way too cold They need a New Freezer New year got a new flow It’s a new Leshurr Look girl you need to watch your tone, yeah yeah Who’s this new idiot You will get eaten like cold pizza When you hear the bass […]

New freezer – Rich the Kid feat. Kendrick Lamar lyrics

Lyrics Rich the Kid – New freezer Ayyy, new freezer You know what it was when you synced up, ayy Dat way, yuh, yuh, yeah dat way. My b*tch too foreign, need a visa I don’t need her Pull up drop top with a eater Two seater New b*tch wanna f*ck to my AP New […]

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