Hallucinate – William Black feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics Nevve – Hallucinate – William Black I tried to shut you up But all I get is carried away Tell you I heard enough But everytime there’s something to say. (Nevve – Hallucinate) Help me hallucinate This visuals are .. (x4) My mind was open file You were the mountains burning away Kept creeping […]

Otherside – Nevve feat. Elephante lyrics

Lyrics Elephante – Otherside – Nevve I woke up in a dream Felt my heart beating faster Was it more than it seemed Or just another disaster? (Nevve – Otherside) Mountaintops came crashing down, crashing down Prison walls started fading out I’m holding on to your memory, memory Till the day you come back to me. […]

Have it all – Elephante feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics Nevve – Have it all – Elephante Pressure on the clay Carving out opinions Whisper that I’m winning Force it every day Hide away from nothing Screaming out for something. (Elephante – Have it all) Don’t know how to fool you, no more Miss the point in the clear view, I’m shy Maybe we should […]

Whisper – Boombox Cartel feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics Nevve – Whisper – Boombox Cartel All around me smoke is heavy Going down deep, I’m not ready The world is burning but I don’t even care I’m just waiting for you to be there Sirens are screaming and I just can’t relax (just can’t relax) Currents are strong and you’re pulling me back. […]

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