Nervous lyrics

Nervous – Maren Morris lyrics

Lyrics Nervous – Maren Morris Nervous lyrics You make me nervous Put my reservations out of service Making me feel like every secret’s worth it, It’s workin’ I’m tryna hide my desire below the surface You make me wonder How this part of me went undiscovered Takin’ my heart out of its zone of comfort, […]

Nervous – While She Sleeps lyrics

Lyrics Nervous – While She Sleeps Nervous lyrics I’m nervouuus I think it’s time to believe But I’m nervouuus That the answer’s right in front of me All this pain we undertake Learned how to love our own mistakes ‘Cause we all share the fear to bare this atmosphere So you are never alone I […]

Nervous – Famous Dex feat. Jay Critch lyrics

Lyrics Nervous – Famous Dex Nervous lyrics Shit, huh, who made this beat? Denzel? Huh, D on the beat, okay Okay, I really like this beat, know what I’m sayin’? Dexter, huh, what, ooh D-D-Daytrip took it to 10 Ooh, cool with your bitch smoking sherbert, ooh Hold on, you makin’ me, ooh Know what I’m […]

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