What would you do for love – Nervo lyrics

Lyrics What would you do for love – Nervo I know the balance isn’t always clear And I could love you more than you love me But if that’s the way it’s gotta be Then I would do this for eternity It’s what I’d do for us That’s what I’d do for love. (Nervo – What […]

Loco – Nervo feat. Danny Avila lyrics

Lyrics Nervo – Loco Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina Everybody loco Espana, Sudamerica Are you with me? Don’t know what it is But I’m lovin’ it And it’s making me Making me go loco What we’re doing now Got me zooming out Everybody now, Everybody locooo. Lo Lo Lo Locoo Are you luste buena? Go, Go, […]

Make it last – DVBBS feat. Nervo lyrics

Lyrics DVBBS – Make it last I don’t wanna lose another minute, don’t wanna let this go ‘Cause everyone around us sees it While we’re wasting time, I wanna make you mine So tell me, boy, if you can feel it Come on and let it show ‘Cause I don’t wanna waste another minute Oh, […]

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