Nef the Pharaoh

Mentions – Nef The Pharaoh lyrics

Lyrics Mentions – Nef The Pharaoh Mentions lyrics Been on the road a whole month, now my babymomma b*tchin’ Bullets hotter than tea bags, now you limping How many doors you opened up, NEF? More than they know I took some L’s on the chin; I’m the bounce back pro I was just in a […]

Cloth talk – Nef the Pharaoh lyrics

Lyrics Cloth talk – Nef the Pharaoh Cloth talk lyrics JuneOnnaBeat Cloth talk cloth talk cloth talk [Verse 1: Nef The Pharaoh] Rare Gucci fit with the RAF Simons .. coming .. hanging in my kitchen I just might show up to the party in Japanese denim .. got to keep up my image Boss walk cloth talk your […]

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