Nasty Cherry

Her body – Nasty Cherry lyrics

Lyrics Her body – Nasty Cherry Her body lyrics I’ll be down for you, maybe If you can prove you’re good, baby How’s that working out for you? Jumping between two bedrooms Thought you were down to party Thought you were into me Why did you run with her Replacing, oh, so secretly I hope […]

Lucky – Nasty Cherry lyrics

Lyrics Lucky – Nasty Cherry Lucky lyrics You picked me up when I was making mistakes I looked to you, you looked to me and it’s fate Your big, big world, I’m screaming, “You’re centre stage” And we’re lucky, baby Well, you’re annoying in love, but I can’t give you up Are you as into […]

Shoulda known better – Nasty Cherry lyrics

Lyrics Shoulda known better – Nasty Cherry Shoulda known better lyrics Take a shot ’cause I know that you’ll miss me They shoulda known better When they thought we weren’t getting back together X marks the spot where our love lands Acting like you’re dead and it’s really not coolll Disappointed – Stormzy lyrics Lyrics […]

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