morgan page

Footprints – Morgan Page lyrics

Lyrics Footprints – Morgan Page Footprints lyrics I know you re not invincible Cause every storm it takes its toll Oh I ve been there been there before And I made it out alive Take my hand you know there s more to life When the night takes you far from home Wherever I go […]

Beautiful disaster – Morgan Page lyrics

Lyrics Morgan Page – Beautiful disaster I’m standing on the ashes, of the bridges I’ve burned I’m lucky striking matches, to the lessons I’ve learned We’re young and dumb and we don’t even need a reason Our hearts won’t break ‘cuz we dance to the dying season Castles are falling and kingdoms are calling to […]

Other girl – Morgan Page feat. Rayla lyrics

Lyrics Morgan PAGE – Other girl So I know there’s a girl I caught her pretty pictures on your phone Ain’t she the blonde with the curls? I knew I couldn’t trust you all along.(other girl) You said it was nothing like it was Meanwhile you’re at her place making up How dare you say […]

Azealia Banks – In the air

Versuri¬†Azealia Banks – In the air I’m so cold I’m dripping icicles I go and take your man that nigga Might miss you Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear To stand around me need to have ya winter gear Pay me coats and benz’s and that berg-ice That’s why I do not […]

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