moneybagg yo

Rookie of the year – Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Lyrics Rookie of the year – Moneybagg Yo Rookie of the year lyrics Jersey, my city on my back, I got ’em reppin’ me, heard me Know I play with M’s, must be stupid if she curve me (Dumb) Fitted hat and Forces, still be dressin’ like I’m servin’ (Trap) Rookie of the year, I […]

Free promo – Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Lyrics Free promo – Moneybagg Yo Free promo lyrics It’ll break my heart if a nigga that I be with everyday Get in that room and turn state (My worst fear) I’m still healin’ from some scars (Like what?) My daddy called me on my birthday Didn’t even tell me, he just asked me for […]

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