Mona Lisa lyrics

Mona Lisa – Terror Jr lyrics

Lyrics Mona Lisa – Terror Jr Mona Lisa lyrics You call me Mooona Lisa I’ll never be that Lisa You’re looking for a classic I’m something new and tragic I’ll never be DaVinci Fuck that I’m more Lewinski Fuck safety only risky Not dreaming if you’ll miss me [Pre-Chorus:] Don’t hang me if you see […]

Mona Lisa – Lil Wayne lyrics

Lyrics Mona Lisa – Lil Wayne Mona Lisa lyrics I got a story to tell You know that I cherish thee Hope it ain’t too many feelings involved I see niggas in this bitch, stuntin’, poppin’ bottles Gettin’ drunk with these bitches Then when they leave they get followed Fall asleep with that bitch and really […]

Mona Lisa – TrenchMobb lyrics

Lyrics Mona Lisa – TrenchMobb I said “turn this up, this that hot shit for your speakers” I might go rob a nigga, take him out his sneakers Yo bitch a groupie, bet you thought she was a keeper My life a masterpiece, I call it Mona Lisa I said “turn this up, this that hot […]

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