modern day lyrics

Modern day – Migos lyrics

Lyrics Modern day – Migos Modern day lyrics Let’s take a modern day stroll (Woah) This is the modern day, hoe Last time I checked, we were runnin’ the globe (Go) I’m ’bout to go fingerfold Two knock two times, it’s a brick at the door (Two time) Somebody blowin’ up lil’ mama phone (Brrt) […]

Modern day – Jeezy lyrics

Lyrics Modern day – Jeezy Modern day lyrics They say I fell off I bounce back I got it in me Hustle fully automatic dawg don’t do no semi Seven-day grind theory dawg Hustleveli That’s why I got that thug motivation ‘cross my belly You confusin’ me with them dawg? Must be a mix-up Lots […]

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